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Beers for Dad

Beers for Dad

This Fathers Day, Dad deserves some relaxation, dont you think? We put together this collection of six microbrews and gourmet snacks that will do just that! This is a Fathers Day gift basket that Dad can really get excited about from peppered beef jerky, to slow kettle cooked peanuts and a block of cheese to enjoy, hell feel extra special on his big day.
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Price $79.99
Galvanized Steel Bucket With Fathers Day Gift Tag Hefeweussbier by Weihenstephaner - 12 oz. - Golden-yellow, full-bodied beer with a smooth yeast taste and aroma of cloves. Pale Lager by Moosehead Brewery - 12 oz. - A very smooth and crisp beer made by a family-owned Canadian brewery. Porter by Founders Brewing Co. - 12 oz. - Made with plenty of hops, this earthy and robust beer has the flavors of dark chocolate and burnt caramel. Pale Lager by Red Stripe - 11.2 oz. - A Jamaican light lager with a deep toasty flavor. Premium Bitter / ESB by Old Speckled Hen - 12 oz. - Medium amber-colored brew with Pale and Crystal malt, and hopped with Target. Pale Lager by Kirin Brewing Co. - 12 oz. - Rice beer made by a brewery in Tokyo, but also brewed in the US by Anheuser-Busch. Peppered Beef Jerky by Divine Bovine - 2 oz. - Wash this peppery beef jerky down with a few swallows of your favorite summer beer. Garlic Sausage by Hanover Smokehouse - 5 oz. - Savory garlic summer sausage enjoyed best with our crunchy water crackers or Vermont cheddar cheese. Monterey Jack Jalapeo Cheese by Mountain View Cheese Co. - 4 oz. - Perfect for spice lovers but not too overwhelming for those who prefer a medium-spiced cheese. Sea Salt and Cracked Peppercorn Kettle Cooked Peanuts - 6 oz. - Salted peanuts made even better with the addition of a light sprinkling of zesty ground pepper. Chichester Crunch by Merrimack Valley Snack Company - 5 oz. - A premium mix of nuts, cheddar cheese crackers, and pretzel nuggets. Water Crackers by Capeachios - 4.4 oz.- Artisan cracker made specifically for elegant hors doeuvres.
SKU: GGB13802020-11-25

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