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Belvedere Smogory Forest Single Estate Rye Vodka 1,000ml - SendLuv Gifts
Belvedere Smogory Forest Single Estate Rye Vodka 1,000ml

Belvedere Smogory Forest Single Estate Rye Vodka 1,000ml

One of our fine Vodka gifts.
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Price $69.99

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Ultimate Spirits Challenge: "Fresh rain on the nose leads into an impeccably smooth vodka reminiscent of angel food cake with the barest breathof vanilla sugar and with a satin unctuousness that continues all the way to the end of a beautiful finish sprinkled with a light cardamom and crackedpepper dusting." 2019Distilllery: "A robust, savory flavor profile sets this single-estate rye vodka apart. Belvedere has created a spirit that truly capturesthe influence of the Smogry Forest terroir. Grown on land dominated by thick woodland and protected from the harsh Polish winter the DiamondDa_kowskie rye used to craft Smogry Forest creates a vodka with toasty, saline and sweet flavors.Nose: Intense aromas of sea air, toasted rye bread and caramel.Palate: Rich and mellow with initial impressions of salted caramel, cereal and a touch of honey. Persistent with delicate notes of toastedbread, white pepper and fudge. Mouth-feel is rich, well rounded and luscious.Finish: Long and salt/sweet. Notes of baked bread, sea salt and caramel." Bottle 1,000ml Alcohol 40 percent Region Poland
SKU: WFW-9841424242021-03-31

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