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Beluga Gold Line Vodka 750ml - Gift Box - SendLuv Gifts
Beluga Gold Line Vodka 750ml - Gift Box

Beluga Gold Line Vodka 750ml - Gift Box

One of our fine Vodka gifts.
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List Price: $139.99

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Price $139.99

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Distellery: "Beluga Gold Line is a limited edition product. Our trademark blend of artesian water and malt spirit passes through not three but five rounds of filtering. Nose: Clean and fresh with a creamy note and hint of cinnamon. Palate: Incredibly pure, with a creamy texture and hints of vanilla, white pepper and sage. Finish: Long and crisp, with the hint of vanilla the last to disappear." Each handmade bottle comes with its own serial number and a corkstopped with sealing wax. To clean out the sealing wax, each bottle of Beluga Gold Line comes with an elegant hammer and brush.
SKU: WFW-9841423252021-03-31

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